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What is A Cold Heading Machine
Source: | Author:William | Published time: 2022-05-30 | 86 Views | Share:

The cold heading machine is a special equipment mainly used for mass production of fasteners such as nuts and bolts.

The earliest cold heading machine in the world originated from Germany. At that time, the purpose of developing the cold heading machine was mainly to produce a large number of bullet shells during World War II.

Cold heading process

(1) According to the theory of metal plastic deformation, a certain pressure is applied to the metal blank at room temperature to cause plastic deformation in the mold cavity and form it according to the specified shape and size.

(2) High-quality metal materials with good "plastic change" must be selected, such as rivet steel, which has strict standards for chemical composition and mechanical properties.

(3) Cold-heading bolts and nuts forming machines have many models and series. The equipment has reliable performance, high efficiency and stable product quality.

(4) The product has a large forming and upsetting force, a configuration power is present, and a large investment of equipment at a time. Therefore, the production specifications below M24 are most economical.

(5) It has better surface quality and higher dimensional accuracy. Because of the cold work hardening in the upsetting process, the amount of deformation should not be too large. Reduce cracking.

(6) The cold heading process is applicable to products with large batches and various specifications, so as to reduce costs.

The modern cold heading machine has been increased from the simple two-station in the past to multi-station. The newer domestic varieties are 5 molds, 6 molds and 6 molds.

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