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  • 27 2022-07

    The advantages of the cold header

    1.In motor overload or other abnormal situations, variable frequency protection action, guaranteed the safety of equipment ...

  • 27 2022-07

    Working principle of automatic cold header

    ​Modern automatic cold heading machine has been increased from the past simple two worktables location up to the present domestic newer varieties have 5 die 6 mold die long automatic cold heading machine using metal plastic....

  • 27 2022-07

    Characteristics of cold header

    1.The connection of crankshaft, body and impact connecting rod is made of high-wear-resistant alloy copper tile, with large bearing capacity, long service life and low maintenance cost.....

  • 27 2022-07

    Advantages of cold header in use

    ​Cold heading machine mainly USES to add alloy cast balls, therefore, has the very high tensile strength...

  • 27 2022-07

    Development of multi-station cold header in China

    ​Multi-station cold heading machine in Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries has developed rapidly......

  • 21 2022-06

    Furnace ​Equipment Advantages

    Furnace Equipment Advantages......


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