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Instruction for nut tapping machine
Source: | Author:William | Published time: 2022-06-20 | 63 Views | Share:

Nut tapping machine is a kind of mechanical processing equipment in nuts, flanges and other parts with various specifications of the inner side of the hole through or blind hole of the hole out of the internal thread, screw or tooth buckle.

According to the different types of driving power, nut tapping machine can be divided into pneumatic tapping machine, electric tapping machine and hydraulic tapping machine.

   According to the number of spindles of the nut tapping machine, it can be divided into single-spindle nut tapping machine, two-spindle nut tapping machine, four-spindle nut tapping machine, six-spindle nut tapping machine. Our RLDH series nut tapping including all of these models .

   According to the different types of processing nuts, nut tapping machine can be divided intoflange nut tapping machine, round nut tapping machine, hexagon nut tapping machine, blind hole nut tapping machine, anti-theft nut tapping machine and other models

   According to the different degree of automation of the nut tapping machine processing process, the nut tapping machine can be divided into automatic nut tapping machine, semi-automatic nut tapping machine and nut tapping machine. Automatic nut tapping machine with the highest degree of automation, work, as long as the blank nut into the hopper can be automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic tapping, automatic unloading, a worker can operate more than one equipment at the same time, high production efficiency, can significantly save labor costs

   Nut tapping machine has novel design, reasonable structure, simple and easy to use, high degree of automation, easy to use, high efficiency, maintenance free, high cost performance characteristics, high quality nut tapping machine processing out of all kinds of nut thread smoothness is high, the qualified rate of finished products can reach 100%

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