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Points to note when using a cold header
Source: | Author:pro2f61ac | Published time: 2019-12-02 | 2258 Views | Share:
1 processing bar or plate material must be clean, head burr to wear off, are not allowed to make a flat 
2 often pay attention to the disk material frame work, found that the turmoil should immediately stop plate material processing to finished quickly, is expected to end should be from the dish rack out
3 to start the device, only in the case of disconnection feeding device, is allowed to start the main motor drives the flywheel rotating only must wait after the flywheel speed through feeding device to stop device, should first disconnect feeding device, then stop the main motor. 
4Do not stop the slider at the "dead center" position. If the slider is stopped at the "dead center" position, only the manual disc flywheel method is allowed to correct. Do not start the equipment

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