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Development of multi-station cold header in China
Source: | Author:pro2f61ac | Published time: 2019-11-29 | 2277 Views | Share:
Multi-station cold heading machine in Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries has developed rapidly, the use of generic growing around at present, the main producing countries of the United States, Japan and Germany Italy Britain industrial developed countries multi-station cold heading machine is characterized by large weight of the heavier upsetting forging force is made of wire rod can be upsetting the bolt of semi-finished products and more complex shaped parts it has advanced security protection and automatic monitoring function, can automatically stop when malfunction and display the failure positions multi-station automatic cold heading machine belongs to the forging mechanical automaton categories of wire forming, is a kind of high efficiency Automatic forging machinery, it is mainly to disk or rod material as raw materials, continuous production of bolt and nut pin ball and roller and other standard parts, as well as the shape of complex cold forming parts and bevel gear shaft ball head pin spark plug and other auto parts, is to achieve less cutting technology of the machine.

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