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Furnace ​Equipment Advantages
Source: | Author:William | Published time: 2022-06-21 | 68 Views | Share:

Furnace Equipment Advantages
1. The main furnace adopts 1 transformer for low voltage and high current heating, which greatly improves the life of the radiant tube and more easier for maintenance and replacement.
2. The mesh belt adopts the synchronous driving of the roller, so that the mesh belt can withstand the minimum tension during operation and prolong the service life.
3. Supporting both ends of the supporting roller adopts special high temperature resistant large gap bearing, the bearing heat sink adopts air cooling device, and the strength is reliable.
4. The mesh belt drive design has an overload and deviation abnormal alarm system device to ensure the balance of the mesh belt operation is reliable and does not run away from the card. The temperature control system adopts PID automatic control, configures an abnormal over-temperature alarm system and configures the necessary interlocks.
5. Adopts drip-type atmosphere, and the protective atmosphere is subjected to high-temperature cracking in the furnace, and the use is simple and reliable, thereby avoiding carbon deposition in the drip nozzle. The carbon potential is automatically controlled by an oxygen probe and a carbon controller, and the oxygen probe is automatically charcoal by the protector.
6. The high-speed rotary bearings on the fan are all made of Japanese NSK bearings to ensure the smooth operation of the fan.
7. There are 3 soft curtain doors in the furnace, and the furnace door is equipped with lifting furnace doors to prevent the loss of protective atmosphere in the furnace, reduce the amount of methanol, reduce the production cost, and solve the problem of frequent maintenance of soft curtain doors.
8. In order to ensure the uniformity of the furnace temperature in the furnace, 6 transformers are used for control.
9. In order to prevent the extension of the heating elements of the equipment after heating and easy to replacement. The connecting wires of the heating element leading to the rods on both sides of the furnace body are all high temper

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