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Safe operation steps of cold forging machine
Source: | Author:William | Published time: 2022-06-20 | 63 Views | Share:

The cold forging machine is a mechanical equipment dedicated to the production of nuts, bolts and other fasteners. During use, it needs to work according to specific safety operation steps to avoid causing quality problems of fasteners or causing damage to        mechanical equipment, etc. The following is a detailed analysis of the safe operation steps of the cold forging machine. 

It is forbidden to operate the cold forging machine with gloves.

    2. Before driving, you must carefully check whether the fasteners of the equipment are locked, whether the safety protection device is in good condition, and check frequently during work to prevent loosening due to severe vibration and causing accidents. 

    3. After the equipment is adjusted, first pull the flywheel to check whether the various mechanisms are working properly. After removing the trigger lever, the motor can be started. It is strictly forbidden to start the motor while triggering. 

    4. All faults should be eliminated before driving, and after a short period of idling, the upsetting can be tested. 

    5. When the equipment is in operation, the operator should stand in a safe position. It is strictly forbidden to pick up the workpiece at the concave and convex mold, and can only view the product at the lower end. 

    6. When changing products, you must carefully adjust the die and punch, and carefully check whether the components are normal. 

    7. In the production process, if there is a failure, you must stop immediately, find out the cause, and eliminate hidden dangers. When the brake fails, it is strictly forbidden to drive. 

    8. The safety board (bumper) must be equipped with protective devices to avoid accidents due to rupture. All protective devices shall not be disassembled or lost arbitrarily. 

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