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Geely's "black light factory" is a big step for China's manufacturing industry!
Source:China daily | Author:Lynette | Published time: 2021-11-26 | 2349 Views | Share:

Recently, when the 30000 Geely Xingyue l went offline in Xi'an factory, the "black light factory" of Geely Xi'an manufacturing base located in Jingwei new town, Xi'an Economic Development Zone also ushered in the first limited time opening.

The factory is the world's first super intelligent factory with full structure, all energy and all vehicle series. It is the vehicle production base with the largest investment, the most products, the most high-end technology and the most advanced intelligence of Geely Automobile.

What is "black light factory"

"Black light factory", that is, smart factory, is a literal translation of "dark factory", which means a factory that can still operate efficiently in the dark without lights. It is a new intelligent factory in the industrial 4.0 era. The production operation is completed by highly automated robots and other high-tech equipment according to certain program requirements.

In this intelligent black light factory, which covers an area of 2260 Mu and has a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, in addition to robots replacing humans to improve production efficiency, there are also stamping workshops, welding workshops, coating workshops and general assembly workshops using many advanced equipment, technologies and processes.

The factory's complete vehicle manufacturing AI management system enables automatic production equipment and tools to be online all the time. Relying on big data intelligent analysis, it can accurately locate each quality link and even intelligently stop the line for inspection when necessary. At the same time, the factory has established an electronic file for each vehicle, which can track the parameter records of each link in real time and online, and any quality problems can be traced.

What are the unique skills of "black light factory"?


4356 automatic equipment and 696 robots are adopted, and the 100% automatic body process can meet the flexible production of multi vehicle mixing.

Full architecture

Refuse to transform and truly face the product manufacturing in the architecture era, while meeting the vast architecture of sea and the super parent architecture of CMA.

Total energy

In the future, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel vehicles will be produced at the same time, which will greatly improve the utilization rate of the production line and meet various needs at one time.

All models

3 platforms and 6 models are flexible, automatic and intelligent in-line production. The full-automatic turntable and switching library can complete the model switching within 1 minute.


The vehicle data is uploaded to the cloud in real time. The MES system generates 3.6 million pieces of data (including pictures and images) a year, up to 5600tb of data, and 100% realizes data tracking such as vehicle quality, part batch, electrical inspection results, tightening results and filling results.


5g + MEC wireless networking can realize the interconnection of AGV, transportation line, vehicle automatic offline, monitoring production, robot and other terminals, so as to realize the real "everything can be controlled".


The greening area of the park is up to 296550 square meters, equivalent to 1 / 5 of the factory area. The "manufacturing green" recycling system can realize "0" wastewater discharge, "0" waste landfill and "0" hazardous substance discharge in the production process.

"Black light factory" gave birth to the star model Xingyue

Geely Xi'an manufacturing factory is outstanding among many independent brands in terms of automation and intelligence. Its production line and manufacturing system can meet EU standards and has the strength comparable to that of joint venture brands. It is a benchmark factory in the field of domestic automobile manufacturing and even in the field of automobile manufacturing in the world.

Geely's heavy-duty model "Xingyue L" was born in Geely's Xi'an factory. This model applies Geely's best car making technology at present. It has been on the market for more than two months, selling 26263 vehicles, with a cumulative order of more than 60000 vehicles, and has won the praise of countless consumers.

Relying on the high-tech "black light factory", Geely motor has made great progress in China's auto market. In the future, Geely Automobile will take "black light factory" as a new starting point, continue to adhere to high-quality development, focus on the intelligent era, drive the leapfrog upgrading of user experience and lead the innovative development of the industry. To achieve the strategic goal of "creating intelligent travel experience beyond users' expectations, building a science and technology leading global automobile enterprise and becoming the most competitive and respected Chinese automobile brand".

With the blessing of "black light factory", Geely industrial base will continue to help the economic development zone build an important town of millions of cars and a 100 billion level automobile industry cluster, drive the grand layout of trillion level equipment manufacturing with high-tech automobile manufacturing industry, provide solid industrial support for building a "made in China 2025" demonstration city, and write a new chapter for the economic development zone to catch up and surpass.

Black light factory is a small step for Geely and a big step for China's manufacturing industry

In the middle of last month, Li Yizhong, President of China Federation of industrial economics and former Minister of industry and information technology, disclosed a set of data on the first day of China's basic plate · the first China manufacturing leaders' Summit:

Today, manufacturing accounts for 11.6% of GDP in the United States, 20.8% in Germany, 20.7% in Japan and 27.6% in South Korea. For China, the peak of this data appeared in 2006, when the added value of the secondary industry accounted for 42% of GDP, followed by a decline of 0.8% every year, compared with 32% last year. If calculated by the caliber of manufacturing industry, the data will further decline to 27.7%, which is basically the same as that of South Korea.

Why did Li Yizhong show this set of data? He spoke a lot at the meeting. His core views include that industry is the support of a country's comprehensive national strength, the driver of the national economy, and the guarantee for overcoming crises and disasters. However, at present, China's industry has the risk of "disenchantment from reality to emptiness", hollowing out and marginalization.

"What's the concept of 27.7%? Just like South Korea. South Korea was industrialized in 1995, and we won't be basically industrialized until 2035. South Korea's per capita GDP is 30000 US dollars, and we are only 10000 US dollars. But now the proportion of manufacturing industry is the same as that of South Korea. Comrades, isn't it a bit dangerous? The proportion of industrial manufacturing industry will drop too early and too fast, which should arouse vigilance," Li Yizhong said.

Two days before Li Yizhong shouted loudly at the "China's basic plate · the first China manufacturing leaders summit", Geely's 30000 Xingyue l went offline in Xi'an's "black light factory". This is the world's first intelligent black light factory with full structure, all energy and all models, and Geely Xingyue l produced by Xi'an factory is also the masterpiece of Chinese brands. It is the only independent model at the same level to achieve monthly sales of more than 10000 in the segment market blocked by joint venture.

When the two news appeared together, we saw the investment, dedication, leadership and unremitting efforts of Chinese automobile companies in intelligent manufacturing, industry 4.0 and product and brand value.


From the perspective of industrial development, the next 20 years will be the 20 years of the wave of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing. Only those enterprises entering the high-end manufacturing industry will have the opportunity to stay in the market. The pressure brought by modernization will affect almost all industries in China, and the integration of industrial automation and new generation information technology is the key.

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