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In 2021, China and US routes shipping fees will continue to remain high until next year
Source: | Author:Vera | Publish time: 2021-08-06 | 103 Views | Share:

In 2021, China and US routes shipping fees will continue to remain high until next year

"With orders, no containers", the shortage of empty container containers from the second half of last year does make foreign trade companies, cross-border e-commerce companies worry.

Affected by the epidemic, the global shipping market has earlier been in a serious state of shipping delays, especially the European and North American markets, the freight volume is huge, and there has been a tense or even "explosive" shortage of capacity.The shortage of transport capacity caused by congestion events will undoubtedly continue to push up already high transport prices.At the same time, due to the long high loading rate, liner also plans to increase the market freight on multiple routes after April, and the reduced available capacity due to canal blockage may accelerate the "impulse" to release the price increase."The shipping charge here is the basic freight charge.There is a huge shortage of cabins and boxes due to unbalanced market supply and demand.To ensure smooth delivery of the goods, the cargo owner needs to pay additional surcharges to the shipping company, such as cabin containment fees."Du Yu, a Delhi analyst, added.

The 358% increase from last year's low of 818 reflects the changing direction and extent of settled freight prices in the spot transport market, meaning that shipping prices have increased several times year-on-year.

This follows Mskafter sharply doubling its expected 2020 profits, saying the company's performance was being continuously driven by a "blowout" of demand levels."Basically booking and coordinating boat periods.Since the second half of last year, the number of orders for domestic companies has increased sharply, and our business volume has increased accordingly."Shortage of containers and high shipping plagued her." The cost increased, and some were in a hurry that customers choose to suspend shipments."Logistics buses revealed that shipping prices in Southeast Asia and Australia rose almost compr

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