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About high-strength fastener knowledge
Source: | Author:Doris | Published time: 2021-05-26 | 2072 Views | Share:
Standard fasteners are divided into twelve categories, the selection of fasteners according to the use of the occasion and its use function to determine.
1. Bolts: Bolt remanufacturing is widely used in detachable connections, generally with the nut (usually plus a washer or two washers) matching use.
2. Nuts: nuts and bolts are used together.
3. Screws: Screws are usually used alone (sometimes with gaskets), generally to tighten or tighten, should be screwed into the body's internal thread.
4. Bolts: Bolts are often used to connect one of the connectors thickness, need to use compact structure or because of frequent disassembly and not suitable for bolted connection. The stud is generally with threads at both ends (single-ended stud with threads at one end), usually one thread is firmly screwed into the parts body, the other end matches the nut, plays a connecting and fastening role, but also has a fixed distance role to a large extent.
5. wood screws: wood screws are used to screw in wood for connection or fastening.
6. Self-tapping screw: The working hole matching with self-tapping screw does not need pre-tapping, and the internal thread is formed while the self-tapping screw is screwed in.
7. washer: washer is placed between the supporting bolts, screws and nuts of the workpiece surface and the supporting surface, since the anti loose and reduce the bearing surface stress.
8. retaining ring: the retaining ring is mainly used for positioning, locking or stopping parts on the shaft or hole.
Pins: Pins are usually used for positioning, for connecting or locking parts, and for overload shearing in safety devices.
10. rivet: one end of the rivet has a head, and the rod has no thread. When in use, the rod part is inserted into the hole of the connecting part, and then the end of the rod is riveted tightly to play a connecting or fastening role.
11. connect the vice connections, that is the combination of screws or bolts or self tapping screws and washers. When the washer is mounted on the screw, it must be free to rotate on the screws (or bolts) without falling off. It mainly acts as fastening or tightening.
12. other main contents include welding nails and so on.

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