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Types of spring washers
Source: | Author:Joanne | Published time: 2023-05-10 | 479 Views | Share:

Spring washers are critical components used in various applications to ensure the integrity and safety of machines and structures. They are designed to absorb shock, prevent loosening of screws and bolts, and provide tension and flexibility within a tight space. Spring washers come in different sizes, shapes, and designs to meet specific needs and requirements. Here are some of the most common types of spring washers.

Rainbow Technology are also known as conical spring washers or disc springs. They are circular or conical in shape, and they have a slight dish-like shape between the inner and outer diameters. These washers are designed to provide high spring tension with minimal stacking height. Washers are used in applications such as valve springs, electrical contacts, and vibration damping.

Wave Washers Wave washers, also known as wave springs, are shaped like a shallow spiral. They are designed to provide moderate spring tension and shock absorption. The unique shape of wave washers allows them to flatten and deflect under compression, providing a predictable and consistent load. These washers are used in various applications like compressors, household appliances, and medical devices.

Curved Spring Washers Curved spring washers are designed with a bowed or curved shape. They have a slight curvature that allows them to compress and provide tension along a wider surface area. These washers are used in applications where the mounting surface is uneven or where a high degree of tension is required. Curved spring washers are commonly used in electrical switches, automotive engines, and transmissions.

Finger Spring Washers Finger spring washers, also known as wave finger spring washers, are constructed from wave-shaped flat springs with fingers on each end. The fingers help reduce the amount of space the washer occupies and provide consistent spring tension. These washers are used in applications that require torsional flexibility, such as actuators, valves, and robotics.

Single Coil Spring Washers Single coil spring washers are constructed from a single coil of wire with a slight curve, providing a high degree of spring force in a compact package. These washers are used in applications that require a consistent spring tension, such as electrical switches, radiators, and compressors.

In conclusion, the various types of spring washers are designed to meet specific needs and requirements to ensure the efficient and safe operation of machines and structures. Choosing the right type of spring washer is critical to the smooth and reliable operation of any application. By understanding the different types of spring washers and their functions, you can select the appropriate washer for any given application.



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