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Harbin rainbow technology can provide full line to produce fasteners
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Harbin rainbow technology can provide full line to produce fasteners

Harbin Rainbow Technology Co., Ltd.  focus on quality and keeps upgrading our Fastener machines to latest  world technology. Customer satisfaction is main motto of our company because of  which we have long list of satisfied customers across the world.  Our main focus  areas are following fastener machines for which you can rely on  us- 


1.  Boltformer/Partformer      2.Nutformer      3.Mesh Belt Furnace      4.Zinc Plating Machine  

5.Heading M/c             6.Thread Rolling M/c  (Flat / Circular)     7.Wire Drawing M/c  

8.  Washer Assembly M/c  9.  Tapping M/c  10. Head Sorting M/c  11. Sorting M/c  12. Trimming  M/c etc etc.

To  our regular customers we also support them for -

Spares for fastener  machines 

Tooling - Punch / Punch Pin,  Rolling Dies, trimming dies , Heading Dies, tungsten carbide dies, Special  tooling design according to customer drawing Etc. 

We have been in this area for more than 20 years. Several Hundreds of customers trust us because of our good quality product, competitive prices   and best after-sales services.

We have established reputation in countries such as India, US, Europe and Southeast Asia where we have core customer bases.    

SELECT LIST of our  customers list is as below:

Mohindra Fasteners, Micron Precision,  SKS Fasteners, Empire Fasteners, Auto International, LPS, UPS, Punch Ratna, Rohtas,  Kamal, Kundan...in India.


YEONGNAM in  Korea,  PT.DUTA in Indonesia, QHPLUS CORP in Vietnam, SZATYINA FASTENER in Hungary, MMK in Russia, MAY DUBEL in Turkey, WSD in German, Intord in Spain, etc;

You  can always rely on us when it comes to Fastener machines and tooling ....for us  YOU ARE OUR MOST VALUABLE MEMBER OF RAINBOW FAMILY. We will be more than happy  to serve you alwaysssss. 


Company address:No. 1560-2 chuangxin 2nd road, songbei district, Harbin.