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Heat treatment (muffle furnace) Furnace
Source: | Author:Vickey | Published time: 2021-05-19 | 1193 Views | Share:
Heat treatment (muffle furnace) is one of the important factors affecting the quality of fasteners.

Heat treatment is a kind of metal hot processing technology, which puts metal material in a certain medium for heating, heat preservation and cooling, and controls its performance by changing the surface or internal metallographic structure of the material.

Metal heat treatment process can be divided into three categories: whole heat treatment, surface heat treatment and chemical heat treatment. According to the different heating medium, heating temperature and cooling method, each category can be divided into several different heat treatment processes. The same metal with different heat treatment process can obtain different microstructure, so it has different properties. Iron and steel are widely used in industry, and the microstructure of iron and steel is also complex, so there are many kinds of heat treatment processes for iron and steel. Muffle furnace is also one of the indispensable equipment in heat treatment experiment.

The characteristic of heat treatment process is to change the internal structure of the material so that all kinds of fasteners can obtain the required performance and quality. Because the quality characteristics of products given by heat treatment are often non intuitive internal quality (such as tensile strength, reduction of area, elongation of materials, etc.), in order to ensure the quality of heat treatment in production, fasteners or furnace samples are generally tested by special instruments and equipment. However, due to the limitation of sampling rate and inspection position, the quality of fasteners and furnace samples is not directly affected by heat treatment, For every fastener of every specification or even every heat, the inspection is local or individual, so it is difficult to achieve 100% inspection of heat treatment quality. Therefore, all the test results can not fully reflect the heat treatment quality of the whole batch of fasteners or the whole fastener.

Because the heat treatment production is put into batch production or continuous production, once the heat treatment quality problems appear, all previous achievements will be wasted, resulting in great losses. If there are heat treatment defects, it is easy to cause serious mechanical failure, resulting in incalculable losses. Therefore, it is particularly important to strictly control the whole process of heat treatment production and implement comprehensive quality management. It is of special significance to carry out ISO9000 series certification in fastener industry, and has been widely valued. Heat treatment production, like other production processes, cannot be separated from man, machine, material and method (4m for short). Here, environmental protection is not considered. They are the main factors affecting the quality of heat treatment products. They affect and restrict each other, and ultimately determine the quality of heat treatment of fasteners.

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