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Belt Wire Drawing Machine
    Publish time 2019-12-13 14:46    
Belt Wire Drawing Machine

                                                                        Belt Wire Drawing Machine

Item Specification Speed rpmDimension(L*W*H) mmWeight/kg
Belt Wire Drawing MachineReel dia.:550   1100
Reel dia.:350   550
Coil machine3-5mm(inner dia of final product)10801380*600*950400
6mm(inner dia of final product)10801600*650*950450
8-10mm(inner dia of final product)7201800*750*1350600
12-16mm(inner dia of final product)5181800*750*1350750
18-22mm(inner dia of final product)3922000*1450*900900
24-30mm(inner dia of final product)2622200*1000*15001200
Above 33mm(inner dia of final product)1502600*1100*17801800
Coil collection machineBelow 12mm(inner dia of final product)     
12-22mm(inner dia of final product)     
Cutting machine3-5mm(inner dia of final product)530850*700*1250200
6-8mm(inner dia of final product)3681200*750*1350250
10-12mm(inner dia of final product)2961450*850*1500300
14-16mm(inner dia of final product)2131550*950*1580550
18-20mm(inner dia of final product)1501650*1000*1600700
22-30mm(inner dia of final product)1201850*1200*16001200
above33mm(inner dia of final product)702000*1500*28002900
Mould(round wire to belt wire) material Cr12Movz150mm   
150mm mould sheet     
200mm mould sheet