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Combined Wire Drawing Machine LZ2/800+LT8-13/650
    Publish time 2019-12-13 14:32    
Combined Wire Drawing Machine LZ2/800+LT8-13/650

This equipment is designed for large diameter steel wire rod,extending drawing process,the max inlet diameter is 10mm.LZ2/800 straight line wire drawing machine use hardened gear reducer,the manufacture technology is the same as straight line wire drawing machine.LT8-13/650 Wet wire drawing machine use 10 modulus herringbone gear,the bevel gear of take-up box use 12 modulus,and speed ratio is 1:1.

This equipment has the man-machine dialogue,motor over temperature protection,meter calculation,full meter alarm,fault display functions.The control type adopts the PLC control,is a kind of high efficiency,energy saving,convenient operation,high degree of automation,wide range of technology advanced drawing equipment,and with low investment cost,low maintenance cost,widely used for drawing big diameter wire rope and spring wire.

Item Unit Data
Maximum diameter of inlet wire mm  φ10
Minmum diameter of oulet wire mm  φ4.0- φ2.3
Drawing line speed m/min  180-200
Inlet tensile strength Mpa ≤1150
Total compression rate % 84-95
Average compression rate % 17-18
Motor power Kw 55x2+160
Dimersions mm 11000x4000x2000