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Turnover Wet Wire Drawing Machine
    Publish time 2019-12-13 14:16    
Turnover Wet Wire Drawing Machine

Turnover wet wire drawing machine manufactured by pingsheng is applicable for high speed drawing of high intensity copper plated steel wire used for curtain steel wire.

Features:matching with SG120,SG165 vertical take-up machine or SG195,SG255 horizontal take-up machine;AC variable-frequency speed adjustment,PLC digital communication control,constant tension adjustable,touch screen,perfect safety system,automatic diagnosis,human-machine dialogue,etc. 

Equipment Model

LT160-23-260 LT160-21-275 LT320-17-360 LT320-15-360
Applicable Production Galvanized steel wire,high carbon steel wire Copper clad steel wire,resistance wire High carbon ,high-intensity steel wire CO-protected welding wire
Drawing dies 23 21 17 15
Outlet range 0.10-0.5mm 0.15-0.5mm 0.5-1.0mm 1.0-1.6mm
Maximum speed 20m/s-1 18m/s-1 10m/s-1 8m/s-1