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Barrel Plating
    Publish time 2019-11-13 17:04    
Barrel Plating
Barrel plating automatic production line can be adapted to a variety of small parts, standard parts and various types of plating needs substantial increase in labor productivity. Plating has been provided to expect from the rejection of the full set of water and drying equipment.
1. Large roller can be extremely PP PP-casting materials, CNC machine drilling.
2. The transmission system adopts each station of a transmission gear coupling, electromagnetic speed.
3. Automatic weighing feeding device can reduce labor intensity.
4. passivation automatic folder barrel washing equipment and automatic rejection of water color dryer.
We can offer from plating material dumped water drying until a full set of equipment. Special accumulated rich experience in zincate solution passivated galvanized wash tub and clip color equipment, roller and PP template for a national patent.

The main configuration
1, PLC machine adopts Japanese Mitsubishi Electric Corporation products;
2, inverter byJapan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation products;
3, touch screen with Kunlun-state electrical company's products;
4, proximity switches and photoelectric switches from Germany Turck Electric products;
5, contactors and thermal relays Suzhou Siemens Electric Company products;
6, chemical degreasing tank 304 stainless steel electric heating tube heating, power of 48KW, 220V;
7, hot water tank made of 304 stainless steel electric heating tube heating, power 10KW, 220V;
8, anode lift sump 304 stainless steel electric heating tube heating, power of 24KW, 220V;
9, activation tank using 304 stainless steel electric heating tube heating, power 10KW, 220V;     
10,Automatic temperature control using Yan Ling Electric Company products;
11, Truck traces using Shanghai Nanyang Fujikura's advanced 40-core flat cable;
512, All control cabinet, reasonable design, elegant, exquisite appearance, easy to operate, so that moisture and corrosion. Control cabinet wiring structured, clear and accurate line number, all elements have clear labeling on the operation panel in English.
13, system with automatic and manual control functions,under normal circumstances, the system is in automatic operation, such as the residence time of the workpiece in each groove, traffic levels and lifting speed. Each lane start, stop, promotion, reduction in operation and the shift can be controlled manually, but this time the other part is still controlled automatically. When a local problem in need of repair, driving to go to the manual operation, the production line can continue to run.
14, System program with interrupt, power and memory function, easy to handle unexpected situations.
15, system is equipped with the full range of emergency stop devices to prevent accidents.
16, for the user product diversity, the system can be easily modified to run the process sequence.


1, Material of tank
3mm304 stainless steel , PP
2,Material of framework
Square steel tube
3,Control system
PLC,computer control
4,Heating model
Electronic, steam, hot water
5,Model of transporter
Automatic ,semi-automatic ,Manual
6.Surrounding equipment
Rectifiers, filters,pipe, air blower,waste gas treatment system
12 months.
Flexible design,safe,stable and high strength, automatic weighting and loading.
Different kind of plating for metal products.
10,Contactor (switch ) and thermal relay
Siemens Brand .