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Inverted vertical drawing machine
    Publish time 2019-12-13 14:23    
Inverted vertical drawing machine

This machine is developed for the non-slip drawing of medium & low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire,special shaped steel wire and nonferrous metals with thick & medium diameter,especially suitable for the standard parts and supermarket shelf industry. The max inlet diameter is 40mm,and the capstan diamerer is 550-1400mm.
Transmission system adopts cycloid reducer,hardened gear reducer,or non-standard reducer.Electrical control system adopts international famous converter with stable performance.

1.It is suitable for large coil steel wire continuous production,can take up heavy and big diameter wires.
2.Easy operation,simple and reliable control,safety production and convenient maintenance.
3.Application of 3-phase AC variable-frequency speed adjustment system,realizes smooth speed regulation, and saves more than 30% electric power. 

Model DL800 DL1000 DL1200 DL1400
Dia. Of capstan(MM) 800 100 1200 1400
Dia. Of inlet wire(MM) φ5.5-φ8 φ9-φ15 φ17-φ25 φ25-φ48
Out coming dia.(MM) φ4.5-φ7.3 7.69-φ13.6 φ16.3-φ22.9 φ23.6-φ47.2
Intensity of material(Mpa) ≤850 ≤850 ≤850 ≤850
Compression rate(%) ≤25% ≤20% ≤15% ≤15%
Max. drawing speed(M/Min) 70 60 30 20
Motor power(KW) 37 55 90 110