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OTO Type wire drawing machine LW9/560 Controlied by PLC
    Publish time 2019-12-13 14:21    
We are one of the earliest manufacturers of this wire drawing machine in China.Main products include steel wire rod pre-treatment production line,rough wire drawing line ,fine drawing line, gas welding wire, arc welding wire production line of high speed winding machine.
1.Rough wire drawing line:
Duck pay-off frame(Overhead pay-off frame)→Brake→Mechanical wire descaling machine→acid picking and drying →boronation→LW560 variable frequency speed regulation OTO type wire drawing machine→GS630 Spool take-up machine (ZX600 Coiler).
2.Fine wire drawing line:
Spool pay-off machine(Rotation pay-off machine)→LW400 high speed OTO type wire drawing machine→GS630 Spool take-up machine.
3.High speed winding:
Spool pay -off machine(with damping)→Tension devioe→high-speed winding machine.  
Diameter of capstan mm 560 400-360
Drawing dies time 9 9
Maximum diameter of inlet wire mm φ6.5 φ3.0-φ2.5
Minmum diameter of outlet wire mm φ2.0 φ0.9-φ0.7
Total compression rate % 90.53 91
Average compression rate % 23.04 23.5
Maximum line speed m/s 6 12
Motor power Kw 18.5-30 7.5-11
Dimension mm 12000x1850x2250 9000x1650x2250
Weight t 2 1.5
Inlet wariable- frequency   PLC control PLC control