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Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the double energy consumption target in the first half of 2021
Source: | Author:Vera | Published time: 2021-09-28 | 860 Views | Share:

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the double energy consumption target in the first half of 2021, nine of which have exceeded the standard.Therefore, local governments began to adopt the mode of electricity production limit, so why should the electricity limit limit?What specific areas are the electricity limit?
Why limit power?
1. Reason 1: dual control of energy consumption
Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice to further improve the double control degree of energy consumption, clarifying the overall arrangement for the double energy consumption control degree, and requiring all regions to take effective measures to ensure the completion of the annual double energy consumption control target, especially the target task of reducing energy consumption intensity.Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption, the first and secondary early warning provinces and cities are constantly implemented from top to next levels, so that the power limit production becomes a reality.
2. Reason two: economic transformation
Electricity rationing can also accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity and accelerate the upgrading of the industrial structure.In a critical period when global trade is more dependent on China, foreign trade enterprises can also be forced to take the initiative to raise prices, increase their bargaining power, prevent disorderly expansion of production capacity, and maintain strategic focus in a critical period when other countries are seriously inflation.
Which regions introduce power rationing measures?
In 2021, due to the excessive energy consumption intensity and dual energy control in some provinces, the total amount has to control energy consumption.Provinces such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places "named" by the National Development and Reform Commission have introduced power restriction measures to ensure that the target of double energy consumption can be completed in a timely manner.
1.2021 Guangdong power limit production limit order new provisions
Recently, Guangdong Province began to implement the "two stop five" power restriction measures, every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to achieve the wrong peak round rest, off-peak day only retain the security load, security load is less than 15% of the total load.If you do not cooperate, you will face 10 days of seizure processing.
2.2021 Zhejiang power limit production limit order new regulations
Many local companies announced that they had to temporarily due to power restrictions.For example, on September 23, imen New Materials of Zhejiang imen issued a notice that Zhejiang Province recently implemented electricity load reduction on key energy-using enterprises under its jurisdiction, and suspended the production of key energy-using enterprises on the premise of ensuring safety, and is expected to stop production until September 30.
3.2021 Jiangsu power limit production limit order new provisions
On September 15,2021, Jiangsu Province issued a power restriction order in some areas, and the power restriction time was tentatively scheduled for 15 days, starting from 0:00 on September 15 and ending at 24:00 on September 30.During the implementation of the power shutdown order, industrial pulled off, domestic electricity retained, office air conditioning stopped, the street lamp control halved.
4.2021 Anhui power limit production limit order new regulations
Recently, Anhui Provincial Energy Protection Work Leading Group Office issued an emergency notice on an orderly electricity use, in the near future due to the continuous shortage of electric coal, the province is extremely frequent units and other factors, the province will appear power supply and demand gap.After research, decided to start the province's orderly electricity consumption plan recently.
5.2021 Shandong power limit production order new regulations
Zaozhuang Municipal Energy Bureau issued a notice on cooperating with orderly electricity use, said that the recent power supply gap in Shandong Province, in order to maintain the normal electricity supply and supply order, ensure the smooth operation of the power grid and reliable power supply, in accordance with the principle of giving priority to demand response and orderly electricity guarantee.
6.2021 Yunnan power limit production order new regulations
The Yunnan Provincial Leading Group Office for Energy Conservation issued the Notice on Resolutely Strengthening the Double Control of Energy Consumption, requiring strengthening the control of key industries.Among them, the power limit production order also involves industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus and other enterprises.

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