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Self-Clinching Fasteners
Source: | Author:Doris | Published time: 2021-08-31 | 894 Views | Share:

A self-clinching fastener is any device, usually threaded, that, when pressed into metal, displaces the host material around the mounting hole, causing it to cold flow into a specially designed annular recess in the shank or pilot of the fastener. A serrated clinching ring, knurl, ribs or hex head prevents the fastener from rotating in the host material once it has been properly inserted. They can be installed during fabrication or during final assembly to eliminate loose hardware. 

Self-clinching fasteners also support a thinner sheet metal, and permit a reduction in installation costs. Typical applications include the manufacture of computers, business machines, communication equipment, industrial controls, vending machines, automotive and other precision fabricated metal products.

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